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Famous places of worship in NYC

NYC is a cosmopolitan city inhabited by people from different cultural communities from all over the world. It’s a place where different faiths, sects and religions co-exist amicably making it an international destination in the truest sense. Naturally, it is home to a number of famous churches, chapels, cathedrals, temples

4 Places to visit in Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russia and when we think about Russia we imagine a cold winter and nothing to see in this country. So we decide to make this guide for you to understand how beautiful is Russia with her could winter. We recommend to visit Moscow when is

Things To Do In Manila, Philippines

When it comes to your Philippine visit which is a place of diverse sights to see, great nightlife and great accommodations in Manila could be the perfect starting destination for you. As a capital city, it is bigger and is often times the pub of different activities in the area

Victoria Falls Activities

Victoria Falls Activities and Accommodation can be booked through Tamuka Travel. They offer services from handpicked suppliers in the region and conduct some of their own tours. Victoria Falls Helicopter Flights- Come to Tamuka Travel for a guaranteed best window seat that looks over the mighty Zambezi. Victoria Falls Cultural Tour- We

Couples Can Have a Fantastic Honeymoon in Rome

The Eternal City is known to many as Rome, Italy; and this is a fantastic city for couples to visit and celebrate their eternal love for each other.  Couples can venture through the city and the countryside exploring monuments, piazzas, cobblestone lined streets, and magnificent fountains. One of the best times