Inca Trail 2018 booking season is coming sooner than expected.

Inca Trail 2018 booking season is coming sooner than expected.

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one of the most famous trekking routes in the world. We understand that the Peruvian government has limited the number of people accessing to this route to only 500 people a day, which includes porters, guides, and tourists.

Inca trail permits for 2017 are almost entirely sold out. As of today, There are only a few permits available for the moths of November and December, which once again highlights the enormous demand for such reservations.

Inca Trail permits used to be put on sale in January of every year, but it seems that the Peruvian government has made some changes to these reservations for 2018. Our understanding is that permits for next year will go out on sale earlier than expected this year in October. It seems that people will have to make there reservation way ahead of time to obtain a spot for 2018.


A few websites are offering Inca Trail 2018 reservations out there, but the one with the most compelling information and a step by step guide is Evolution Treks Peru, an employee-owned company located in Cusco Peru.

We encourage our readers to spread the word far and wide about the Inca trail bookings 2018.

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