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4 Places to visit in Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russia and when we think about Russia we imagine a cold winter and nothing to see in this country. So we decide to make this guide for you to understand how beautiful is Russia with her could winter. We recommend to visit Moscow when is winter because you will be amazed about what you will see.

Now let’s talk about the most places to visit when you decide to travel there .


The first step you should mostly visit is Kremlin. Part of it is for the Presidency, but after a careful search, you can discover the historical area with a fascinating array of churches that have absolutely seen over time enough travellers. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Museum in this complex, especially the Armoury Chamber, where you can admire the treasures of one of the richest empires of the world. If you can’t find any hotels we suggest to try TripEconomy website and you will find a nice range of hotels in Moscow .

The Museum Cosmos is not hard to find. It is in the centre and you will find a list of the main monuments in Moscow. It is not necessarily a museum that glorifies “the conquerors of space”, but a museum that reveal the daily life from space ship or extra-terrestrial stations.Red Square built beneath the Kremlin walls, is one of the largest and most impressive squares in the world.  And let’s not forget and try to see Lenin’s mausoleum, and the tombs of various historical personages buried beneath the Kremlin wall, characters who have put the seal on all of human history from Stalin to Gagarin.


Jesus Saviour Cathedral situated on the banks of the Moscow river. This Cathedral   can be seen from far away. It was built after the defeat of Napoleon and was destroyed by Stalin in the 1930s, because wanted to build the tallest building in the world.  After he demolished it, the architects persuaded Stalin that it is impossible to construct such a block fixed on the river Moscow, because the land is too unstable .The Cathedral was rebuilt from its foundations, as it had been.

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