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5 reasons why Imagica Park is the best destination

Imagica is emerging as the choicest holiday destination for all. May it be friends, family, kids, or adults; this amusement park never disappoints anyone. It serves all with distinct experience of rides, entertainment, restaurants and a fully fledged fun day.

Apart from that, it si placed near Lonavala and goes in variations of snow park, water park and all time favorite amusement park. Still now if you are not convinced that Imagica Park is the best destination for all your holidays, than check out this list of reasons and surely your heart would go IMAGICAAAA!!  after that.


Rides from all around the world

What’s an amusement park without rides? In Imagica Park, your experience of rides would be taken to a next level. They have an immense variety of family rides, thrill rides, and rides for kids. Exciting rides like DJ Joel. 7 Estrelo, VIP etc are enough to bind your family in a ray of fun. Or you could visit kids’ rides and get overjoyed on seeing your little ones having a time of their life. Not just that, if your adventurous soul doesn’t let you stay calm, then try thrilling rides like rollercoaster and butterfly to unnerve yourself.

Travelling, not a problem anymore

Before planning a holiday, the biggest tension that anyone encounters is of travelling. Not here for sure. There are plenty of AC buses that run from Mumbai, Thane,  and Pune at extremely minimal fares. These buses take several rides per day and always have enough space to fetch each and every one to Imagica Park.


Lucrative offers

For those who are fan of offers and discounts, Imagica has that too in store for you. The park comes up interesting offers like happy Tuesday’s, what-a-Wednesday, Tubby’s secret party, Early Bird and many more. The smart travelers can make a booking on offer days and get more for lesser fare. Also, for the frequent visitors, there is Imagica Passport that gives desirable offers on 4 visits.

It’s not just a park, it’s a THEME park

Imagica Park is an extremely interesting place to go because of its thematic décor right from the very beginning of the park. It’s not any amusement park, with floral bushes on sides and paddy fields to walk on. Rather the whole park gives an appeal of bound by various themes. One could see glimpse of miniatures of various countries coupled with magic show, horror house, 7D movie show etc to enhance the experience.

Dining, shopping and much more

You are definitely mistaken if you think that rides and entertainment activities are all that Imagica Park offers you. If you are someone, who likes to take little souvenir from every holiday, than you must try Imagica store. Apart from these there are many more fun shopping articles for kids that one could buy. Also there are huge segments reserved for dining in various cuisines. These restaurants also provide conference halls for meeting purposes and party events.

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