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Things To Do In Manila, Philippines

When it comes to your Philippine visit which is a place of diverse sights to see, great nightlife and great accommodations in Manila could be the perfect starting destination for you. As a capital city, it is bigger and is often times the pub of different activities in the area according to 10bestph. If you are looking for an area that features different activities to take part in at any time of the day, then going to Manila would be the best choice to go with.

More on the Hub of Manila

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and is a great area to go visit to experience great culture and hospitality. Even though many people’s first impressions of Manila are that it is a concrete jungle that has no real uses for traveling to but first impressions are not always correct. Do not let this get you down and take the time to explore the real treats that this city has to offer its visitors.

This city has a great cultural base. It features a variety of different cultures that you can find throughout this city so by taking the time to explore every little nook and cranny you will experience some great cultural aspects of this area while taking in some new sights. It has a great history in the area as well so there is no end to the different things that you can take in while you are on vacation in Manila. This area has a sense of charm and beauty that will wonder any of its visitors.

Main Tourist Attractions around Manila

One great attraction that you can go see in Manila includes the Baywalk. Baywalk is a park that is linear to the Manila Bay. This park offers great views and a variety of different activities that you can take part in while visiting this area.

Another great sight to see in this area includes the Bonifacio Shrine. This shrine was dedicated to Andres Bonifacio and was built to honor who he was. Andres Bonifacio was a Filipino who fought for freedom. He worked and strived to get freedom from Spain.

Another great attraction to go and see includes the National Museum of the Philippines. This museum was built in the 1900’s and continues to keep going strong. Some of the different features that this museum has included different botanical areas, archeology, arts, zoology, different cultural items, and many more historical showcases. The museum is a great way to take in the different aspects of Manila and the cultural aspects that surround this area.

When it comes to wanting to travel to this city you would want to find cheap flights to Manila. By finding cheap flights to Manila you would be able to ensure that you will have plenty of money to get the best hotel rooms, eat out, purchase items from the market, enjoy the nightlife, and have more money during the day to take part in seeing the different sights and participating in different activities.

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